God Is Not Dead (LIVE VIDEO)

Here’s the LIVE performance of “God Is Not Dead” from Easter Sunday 2011.

A few months ago Tony Sutherland and I were talking over iChat and he shared with me a new song he had just written. He played it for me and I immediately asked if we could arrange it and perform it on Easter. He graciously allowed us and sent me his original demo track that was recorded on his iPhone on the piano.

About the performance:
For months I’ve been wanting to use a small drum-line or something similar in a special feature song. When I heard “God Is Not Dead” and the build from the bridge to the end of the song, I thought this would be a good song to give the “drum-line” a chance.
I took the original demo and scratched out the arrangement in Logic and recorded the demo/rehearsal track for Jerah and the band. I tracked the drums and all the instruments in Logic using virtual instruments in Logic and Reason. The next morning I had Jerah record a scratch vocal (which is what is on the demo) in our kitchen. Ha.
The live performance turned out better than we could have planned.

Performed by Jerah Divine and Chapelhill Music

Written by Tony Sutherland copyright 2011 ASCAP

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