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Prayer and Worship FREE Download

Approximately 6 years ago, Jerah and I recorded a simple album entitled “Prayer / Worship”. The purpose behind it was to provide an instrumental soundtrack for personal devotional/prayer time. We made it available at The Church at Chapelhill and for the most part received very good response. Since then we’ve heard of a number of churches that have used it for corporate prayer gatherings.

Last week at Chapelhill was designated as Chapelhill Prayer Week. Over 1400 people joined us throughout the week at our Douglasville campus and on our internet campus. I jumped on the opportunity to record another piano/instrumental album for the week of prayer.

Last week I had a number of people ask if they could get a copy of the music that was played during the week of prayer. So here it is. We decided to make it available via download.

CLICK HERE to download .zip file.

I pray these songs take you into the presence of God and minister to your spirit as you pursue His presence.


You Shine Music Video

Draw Me Close

This past weekend we pulled out an old song that just works, and it wasn’t a hymn.

Honestly I can’t remember the last time we had done this song.

I put together a modified arrangement with an original bridge section that really brought the song to life. It’s at the 4:28 mark in the video.

What’s an older song (10 years or older) that’s not a hymn, that still works at your church?